Insightium develops insights by using a variety of both empathic and analytical tools to spot hidden patterns, trends and behaviors. Having the right vision is essential to the success of an initiative, a team or an organization.

Address scaling challenges
It's not enough to create five prototypes that work or for five people to like a new concept. For businesses to succeed, ideas must be scalable. Insightium has broad experience in tackling the ramp-up and roll-out problems that can bedevil you late in the process.
Resolve complexity
Strong visions need strong realities. The difference between good ideas and innovation is often an ability to remove the barriers that arise when guiding bold new concepts through the realities of your business. Insightium thrives on problem solving.
Insightium focuses on the tools, processes and cultures of innovation. We specialize in big ideas at the fuzzy boundaries between people, processes and technology, strategically combining deep engineering knowledge with business, innovation and design experience. Aligned to the needs of dynamic, fast-moving start-ups and entrepreneurial organizations within larger companies, Insightium provides clear insights, analyses and design solutions to move your system, product, service or entire organization forward. Insightium is constantly expanding its palette of innovation skills and tools, which currently includes those found below.
  • Need-finding through field observations of users and environments
  • Exploration of analogous products, services and experiences
  • User experience prototyping and feedback
  • Experience framework synthesis
  • New technology evaluation
  • Rapid process flow simulation
  • Lean manufacturing and value chain analysis
  • Data mining for patterns and trends
  • Robust design
  • Acoustics
  • Rapid Finite Element Analysis
  • CAD analysis and design
  • Statistical tolerancing
  • Root cause analysis
  • Health and consumer-specific product and service development
  • Cultures of innovation and knowledge management
  • Systems design strategies
  • Risk analysis and mitigation
  • Program structuring and management
Leadership, Teamwork and Networks
Whether Insightium is leading an effort for you or filling a critical gap, we realize that success often depends on our ability to engage with your team and leverage the unique knowledge that each team member brings. In our engagements, Insightium is highly collaborative by nature, working to catalyze the best overall design outcome within your organization.

Beyond the critical tipping points where Insightium excels, ongoing development projects typically require a wide range of specialized communication, design and fabrication skills. Listed here are a small number of the firms in our network that may help you to fill other needs.